Roclyn Natalie Attired
     Natalie was so fuzzy as a puppy, it seemed appropriate to name her Natalie Attired. The rest of her "Fashion Litter" seemed to always be better pressed, so to speak. She's now co-owned with Kim Turner and is living the life on a bluff over the ocean in Santa Barbara. She only needs a major to finish after taking a wonderful 5 point Specialty major at the ISC of the Pacific Specialty. Lovely headed and the most endearing personality. You can see her in many of the Ralph Lauren ads as she’s a Super Model!

Natalie's Pedigree:
Ch. Cucuchullain Good Fortune, ROM
Ch. Chandar's Deeper In Debt, CD
Ch. Chandar's Lavendar Lace
Ch. Mystic's Take the Money & Run
Ch. Courtwood Inn Keeper, ROM
Ch. Rusticwood's Keepsake
Ch. Rusticwood Fantasy 'N The Sky NA OAJ
Ch. Quailfield Successful Business
Ch. Ballymera's Whisperin' Secrets, ROM
Ch. Meadowlark's Whipserin' Breeze, ROM
Ch. Roclyn Mama Mia O' Terra
Ch. Chandar's Deeper In Debt, CD
Ch. Roclyn Surely You Jest
Ch. Rapture's Some Like It Hot, CD